Manicures & Pedicures

This manicure treatment analyses and treats each nail according to its specific nail type. The hands are exfoliated, cuticles are nourished and repaired with oils and creams, the nail shape is perfected and treatment basecoats and colour are applied for the perfect finish.

The Jessica Prescriptive Manicure, with a hand and arm massage, uses thermal mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams.

This manicure treatment includes the nails being filed with cuticle work and finished with an application of gel. The gel is applied like a polish but has the durable strength of a gel. Lasts for approximately 2-3 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading and is easily removed.

The ZenSpa Pedicure treatment leaves the feet feeling soft and smooth; finished perfectly with polished toes.

This luxury treatment uses thermal heated booties and includes an exfoliation and massage to the lower leg and foot.

  • File & Polish
  • French File & Polish
  • Jessica Prescriptive Manicure (no polish)
  • Jessica Prescriptive Manicure (French Polish)
  • Jessica Deluxe French Manicure
  • ZenSpa Pedicure (no polish)
  • ZenSpa Pedicure (French Polish)
  • ZenSpa Deluxe French Pedicure
  • ZenSpa Geleration Pedicure

Please wear open-toe shoes to pedicure appointments.

CalGel is a superior product which both strengthens and protects the natural nail. CalGel is low maintenance and allows natural nails to respire.



  • Soak Off
  • Nail Repair
  • Single Tip Extension