botox and skincare Taunton

Our aim is to provide a personal aesthetic service to our clients, exclusively delivered by an NHS medical consultant. Dr Paul Baines can help you to achieve the natural look you desire by providing advice on a range of topical skin care regimes to suit you in combination with injectable treatments if desired.

It's a perfectly natural aspiration to want to feel confident. When we do, our self-esteem is boosted; how we feel about ourselves plays a significant part in improving our overall quality of life.

Many of us would like to improve our appearance, but understandably, would prefer not to look as though we have had treatment. provides a personal, discrete service, exclusively delivered by Dr Paul Baines, working in partnership with clients to achieve the natural look they are seeking.

"I believe that no one should be able to tell what your treatment has been - only that you look great, fresher, more confident & still you."

Using a holistic approach to skin health, topical skin treatments such as Obagi and Restylane can be combined with muscle relaxants and dermal fillers if desired, to help you to achieve a natural, subtle look with minimal or no downtime.

If this approach fits with your personal aspirations, please contact Buff Urban Day Spa for your no-obligation consultation.

Please see the terms and conditions at the time of your consultation.

Just some of the treatments available:


Probably the most well-known of aesthetic treatments, and commonly referred to as "Botox Injections". Can be used to relax overactive facial muscles to smooth fine lines, reduce a prominent gum-margin when smiling, to relieve tension headaches and control excess perspiration.


Assessment of your skin and advice on the best regimes for you, helping you achieve a clear, even complexion.


Advice on both adult and adolescent acne. Blue-light phototherapy is a highly effective treatment, used alone or in combination with other therapies.


With ageing, skin loses its ability to retain water. Restylane & Emervel can be safely used to restore natural levels of hydration, targeting individual fine lines or rejuvenating the whole face.


Prescription treatments that guarantee longer eyelashes within 6 weeks.


Stimulate new collagen and elastin production in your skin - great for reconditioning, especially in areas of scarring. Continue the good work at home with your own roller-brush.